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Bayrische Meisterschaften 2011 – Photos

HomeCon #12: Der mit den Segas tanzt

Friday I had a good night Kick Off and a good movie called “Legion” at Franks place in Mannheim. We also used the time to coordinate the dates for the upcoming Summer tournaments in the near of Gummersbach and in Frankfurt. So it looks good for a nice Kick Off summer all over Europe. At [...]

Cups for the Hessian Champs

At the hessian champs (19.03.2011) there are two competitions. First of course the Hessian champs and 2nd as last year the RMKO cup, the internal championship of the RMKO players. Here are the cups: Hessian Champs RMKO Cup

WGL November 2010 meeting

With a bit of a delay, here is the WGL November meeting report. Attendants were: Wizard Neewa FrankF Nafcom ThorN We started WGL this time with playing “The New Zealand story” in which a Kiwi is the main character, that was very funny and featured some unique ideas. Especially the music was ace! Here are [...]

ThorN’s new Joystick: Ruhmbringer

Home Con 9 pictures