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Deutsche Kick Off 2 Meisterschaft Vorbereitungsturnier am Freitag

Jan K 0 – 8 Frank F Cornelius H 3 – 2 Horst L Tom S 2 – 2 Thorsten B Cornelius H 3 – 2 Jan K Tom S 1 – 3 Frank F Thorsten B 3 – 2 Horst L Jan K 0 – 4 Tom S Thorsten B 3 – 3 Cornelius [...]

Deutsche Meisterschaft 2011 Results

We had two newbies this time: Chris R (in the picture he is called Chris C-> Crazy Chris) and Torben W. Group A Cornelius H 1 – 7 Frank F Thorsten B 5 – 3 Thomas Ni Jan G 3 – 5 Jörg P Heiko W 3 – 2 Tom S Thorsten B 1 – [...]

Hessische Kick Off 2 Meisterschaft 2011 Ergebnisse

Qualification Round Juan S,3,Holger H,0, Thorsten B,2,Horst L,2, Frank F,11,Jan K,1, Cornelius H,9,Mark F,0, Oliver St,7,Volker B,2, Joerg S,1,Joerg D,0, Thorsten B,6,Juan S,1, Frank F,11,Holger H,0, Cornelius H,2,Horst L,1, Oliver St,11,Jan K,0, Joerg S,2,Mark F,0, Joerg D,1,Volker B,8, Juan S,0,Frank F,10, Cornelius H,2,Thorsten B,4, Oliver St,10,Holger H,0, Joerg S,0,Horst L,3, Joerg D,0,Jan K,3, Volker B,7,Mark [...]

Hessische Kick Off 2 Meisterschaft 2011 Mitternachtsturnier Ergebnisse

Resultate: Volker B,1,Frank F,5, Jan K,2,Thorsten B,7, Frank F,6,Thorsten B,0, Frank F,7,Jan K,0, Thorsten B,1,Volker B,0, Volker B,2,Jan K,0, Tabelle Jörg D did not participate but slept on the couch, so Jan finished fourth

1. Baden Wuerttembergische Kick Off 2 Meisterschaft 2010 – results

Horst L,1,Frank F,7, Jörg D,1,Jörg S,4, Jörg D,0,Thorsten B,1, Jörg S,0,Frank F,12, Jörg S,2,Horst L,7, Frank F,5,Thorsten B,3, Frank F,14,Jörg D,0, Thorsten B,3,Horst L,1, Thorsten B,5,Jörg S,0, Horst L,5,Jörg D,0, Frank F,8,Horst L,1, Jörg S,0,Jörg D,2, Thorsten B,5,Jörg D,0, Frank F,10,Jörg S,0, Horst L,3,Jörg S,0, Thorsten B,3,Frank F,5, Jörg D,0,Frank F,12, Horst L,2,Thorsten B,3, Jörg [...]

Bayrische Meisterschaft 2010 – results

1st Round: Two groups everybody played against each other Herbert K,0,Markus B,1, Markus B,1,Thorsten B,6, Thorsten B,5,Herbert K,0, Groupe A: Norbert K,0,Martin E,0, Martin E,0,Andreas M,1, Andreas M,0,Norbert K,1, Groupe B: Halffinale: Thorsten B – Andreas M 5-0 Markus B – Norbert K 1-0 after extra time Game of Shame Martin E – Herbert K [...]

Wiesbadener Sommer Cup 2010

We had a great time in sunny Wiesbaden and enjoyed a lot of great Kick off games, a good barbecue and some beers and applewine. This time we had the pleasure to had two newbies attending the tournament. While Joerg S already played in the last Frankfurt tournament, Joerg D played Kick off for the [...]

Hessian Kick Off Championship 2010 – results

1st Round: (everybody played against everybody) Juan S,0,Frank F,8, Thorsten B,2,Volker B,6, Jan K,0,Cornelius H,7, Horst L,3,Carsten P,1, Thorsten B,8,Juan S,0, Jan K,2,Frank F,7, Horst L,1,Volker B,4, Carsten P,2,Cornelius H,3, Juan S,1,Jan K,0, Horst L,0,Thorsten B,2, Carsten P,2,Frank F,9, Cornelius H,1,Volker B,6, Horst L,1,Juan S,0, Carsten P,4,Jan K,1, Cornelius H,3,Thorsten B,2, Volker B,1,Frank F,4, Juan [...]