Wir spielen gerne Retro-Videospiele

Retro Competition

VSTsw Juli 2011 – Resultate

Speedball (Amiga) 1. Michael 2. FF 3. ThorN 4. Newalix 5. Nafcom 6. Rockford 7. Insane 8. maSTer64 Ballblazer (Atari XL) 1. Newalix 2. Insane 3. maSTer64 4. Michael 5. Nafcom 6. ThorN 7. Rockford 8. FF V Rally 2 (Sega Dreamcast) 1. ThorN 2. Newalix 3. FF 4. Insane 5. Nafcom 6. Rockford 7. [...]

Wizard of Wor competition at the HomeCon 10

At the 10th issue of the HomeCon Wizard and I organized a Wizard of Wor competition. We played the game on a Atari XL. 26 people participated and we had a good tournament.

WGL December 2010 Meeting at the FAO (For Amusement Only) in Rodenbach.

We have been invited at the FAO (For Amusement Only) rooms which is a location that is stuffed full with arcade machines and pinballs. We have also got a small  tour and heard some stories regarding the history and origin of the machines. And also we have got an inside of the stock and repair [...]

Home Con 8 Virtua Racing Gaming Competition

Here a slideshow of the Virtua Racing gaming competition we organized at the Home Con 8 some weeks ago. Due to some problems with the Mame machines, we had to restart. Finally the comeptition was played on a Sega Mega Drive.