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January, 2011

WGL goes Tron Legacy

Phil is alive

Cause he is bussy with his studies, Phil wasn’t that active in the last time, but it will change. Visited him yesterday to bring him some Dreamcast games and used the time to speak about the next events. He also introducted me some games on the PS3

Cups for the Hessian Champs

At the hessian champs (19.03.2011) there are two competitions. First of course the Hessian champs and 2nd as last year the RMKO cup, the internal championship of the RMKO players. Here are the cups: Hessian Champs RMKO Cup

Mittwinter meeting 2010

Again a nice events. Cold as always. The traditional snow was not as bas as last year. Playing “Achtung Kurve” on the Z80 machine was nice.

HomeCon 10

Wizard of Wor competition at the HomeCon 10

At the 10th issue of the HomeCon Wizard and I organized a Wizard of Wor competition. We played the game on a Atari XL. 26 people participated and we had a good tournament.

Munich also have a VST

twh just told me, that he met with friends to play Ms. PacMan on the Atari XL, they were 3 guys altogether. They posted their score at the Atari Age 8 Bit HSC and as a reply another Munich player replied. So hopefully they find time to meet again. Would be nice to go to [...]

Atari Forum is back online

Hipp Hipp Hurra!! is back online. After serious problems of the hosters now AF is back again. We all cross our fingers, that it won’t have these problems again.

WGL December 2010 Meeting at the FAO (For Amusement Only) in Rodenbach.

We have been invited at the FAO (For Amusement Only) rooms which is a location that is stuffed full with arcade machines and pinballs. We have also got a small  tour and heard some stories regarding the history and origin of the machines. And also we have got an inside of the stock and repair [...]

Newyears eve kick 2011 – Neujahrskick 2011

Once again we follow our tradition “Kick Off statt Böller” (no rockets but Kick Off). This time we did not hesitate and first watch some movies, but after a while it was time for a Kick Off tournament. The participants: Frank  F Thorsten B Jan K Jörg D Like every year, I first played agaisnt [...]

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