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October, 2010

WGL meeting October 2010

Nafcom and Frank were the first who arrived. While having a look at Nafcoms netbook to see what’s wrong with his Mandriva Linux installation, Wizard also arrived. Of course it took a little bit longer to detect the problem with the failed Mandriva update, so Frank and Wizard were playing a little bit Kick Off. [...]

1. Baden Wuerttembergische Kick Off 2 Meisterschaft – impressions

The tournament took place at the Classic Computing 2010 in Altensteig / Schwarzwald (Black Forest). The meeting is the anual club meeting of a club that preserves old computers. We enjoyed the tournament a lot cause this time, we build up only one computer. That means, that while two players were playing, the others watched [...]

1. Baden Wuerttembergische Kick Off 2 Meisterschaft 2010 – photos

1. Baden Wuerttembergische Kick Off 2 Meisterschaft 2010 – results

Horst L,1,Frank F,7, Jörg D,1,Jörg S,4, Jörg D,0,Thorsten B,1, Jörg S,0,Frank F,12, Jörg S,2,Horst L,7, Frank F,5,Thorsten B,3, Frank F,14,Jörg D,0, Thorsten B,3,Horst L,1, Thorsten B,5,Jörg S,0, Horst L,5,Jörg D,0, Frank F,8,Horst L,1, Jörg S,0,Jörg D,2, Thorsten B,5,Jörg D,0, Frank F,10,Jörg S,0, Horst L,3,Jörg S,0, Thorsten B,3,Frank F,5, Jörg D,0,Frank F,12, Horst L,2,Thorsten B,3, Jörg [...]

Eintracht – 1.FC Nuernburg 2-0

This time we had more luck. The game was shitty, but the 3 points are important

Eintracht – HSV 1-3

This game was lost unfortunately, but it was once again a great day in the Stadion.

Home Con 8 Virtua Racing Gaming Competition

Here a slideshow of the Virtua Racing gaming competition we organized at the Home Con 8 some weeks ago. Due to some problems with the Mame machines, we had to restart. Finally the comeptition was played on a Sega Mega Drive.