Wir spielen gerne Retro-Videospiele

July, 2010

Wiesbadener Sommer Cup 2010

We had a great time in sunny Wiesbaden and enjoyed a lot of great Kick off games, a good barbecue and some beers and applewine. This time we had the pleasure to had two newbies attending the tournament. While Joerg S already played in the last Frankfurt tournament, Joerg D played Kick off for the [...]

RMKO goes Sensible World of Soccer

This weekend Frank F and Thorsten B visit the Donatus Cup 2010 in Frohnrath near Euskirchen near Cologne (in the Eifel hills). We wantd to find out, if the sensible scene is comparable to the Kick off scene, and we found out that it is comparable. We had a great day at the tournament and [...]

KO2 is back in the eSports

We got in touch with Gaetano, the organizer of the Olymptronica event in Frankfurt some mounth ago thanks to bmX the organizer of the eJagFest Europe. Cause the Olymtronica will be later the year, we took the chance to take part in another event Gaetano organized, the Frankfurt Summer games. For the first time, the [...]