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February, 2010

Next meeting

Next RMKO will be at the 13th of Mars. The meeting will be at the HomeCon #6 near Frankfurt.  We will be at the event from 10’00 o’clock until 18’00 to 22’00 o’clock

RMKO März 2010 / Mannheim

This time we met for the first time in Mannheim in Frank’s flat. Thanks for his hospitality. News: The world cup (WC) will be at the 23-24th of October in Leverkusen The German Champs (DM) will be at the 16-17th of October in Osnabrueck Organizational We say hello to our new player called Horst L. [...]

WGL März am 27.03

Da im März am 13.03 die HomeCon #6 ist, haben wir den 27.03 als nächsten Termin gewählt. Wie immer ist jeder Retro Gamer im Rhein-Main Gebiet und darüber hinaus willkommen. Bislang geplant: Retrospective: Sega Saturn Worms auf dem Atari Jaguar

Februar 2010

Dieses mal waren wir zu viert, da wir auf der letzten HomeCon noch maSTer 64 rekrutieren konnten. Willkommen beim WGL Fredderick. Game System V-Rally 2 Sega Dramcast Donky Kong Quest SNES Supr Mario Karts SNES Super Mario Bros SNES Blip Atari XL Circuit Breaker Sony Playstation Castle of Dr. Creep Commodore C64 Die Ergebnisse der [...]

Circuit Breaker / PSX

Name Circuit Breaker Publisher Mindscape System Sony Playstation Year 1998 Comment Score Pros: Rally Speedway on 3D feeling You don’t take the result that serious, falling down into a valley is a great fun Different courses, some are speed racing courses some are destroy the enemy courses Cons: Some courses are boaring Great

Blip / a8

Name Blip! Publisher Hard System Atari 8bit Year 1992 Comment Score Pros: Easy gameplay, everybody will understand after 20 seconds Offers a lot of possibilities to play a certain strategie Great graphics for a Pong Clone Cons: The length of a round should be configurable Great

Super Mario Karts / SNES

Name Super Mario Karts Publisher Nintendo System SNES Year 1992 Comment Score Pros: It’s not that easy, but it Challening, so you gain a long term gaming fun if you master it. Cons: There are to many tricky curves in the beginning, so that it could be demotivating Challenging

V-Rally 2 / DC

Name V-Rally 2 Publisher Infrogrames System Sega Dreamcast Year 2000 Comment Score Pros: Great 4 player slitscreen action. As all rally games, you need some time to get into the game controlls, but then its a great fun. Even loosing is a fun, you don’t take the result so serious Cons: The colors are a [...]